Central Research Facility


The Centre for Advanced Research of CKS is a multidisciplinary, total-faculty research centre. The Center aims to produce innovative, authentic scientific knowledge and that leads to advancements in patient care and disease control relevant to the population need. It was our endeavour to scientifically merge and coordinate the research and academic programmes to perfection. The main focus of our research is to elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms of oral diseases, on validation of clinical, diagnostic and community strategies to improve oral health. The CAR and its associated network of CKS Theja Institute of Dental Sciences and Research provide excellent opportunities for postgraduate and doctoral research in dental related topics.

CAR represents a key commitment for preserving and raising the efficiency of dental research to international quality In this connection, this central facility was planned to house the most modern equipments to service users of the ever expanding number of UG and PG students and researchers with various needs. A future endeavour will be to make this facility available to other academic and research institutions, industries and organizations in the neighbourhood. The CAR of the college is also having MOU’S with SV University, Tirupathi, SVIMS Tirupathi, IIT Tirupathi and KT Pharmacy College, Tirupathi for multi centric research in various fields.

Areas of Research at CAR :

  • Flourosis – on hard and soft tissues
  • Cytology of premalignant and potentially malignant lesions
  • Identifying the microbial population affecting the prosthetics
  • Novel restorative materials development
  • Blood group and relation to dental diseases
  • Salivary Biochemistry
  • Effect of nutrition on oral health in paediatric and geriatric subjects

The Central Research Centre, seeks to :

  • Discover and develop novel methods of treatment for diagnosis and treatment
  • Collaborate with other local, national and international institutes to develop the best science and practice in both clinical care and research.
  • To publish cutting edge research articles in international peer reviewed journals
  • To encourage innovative collaborative research, and apply advances in research for the benefit and betterment of the of the human community locally and globally and enabling the industry to produce affordable equipment and drugs.
  • To stimulate invention of indigenous technology and promote technology transfer and optimal utilization of the available contemporary technology for teaching, training ,health care and research.
  • Aimed to accelerate the pace of collaboration, innovation and quality of patient-centered and preventive dental care and to cultivate excellence and collegiality within communitty
  • To excel with a spirit of inquiry, scientific curiosity and the passion and perseverance to improve care, we aim to translate research discoveries into advances that directly benefit our patients.