Welcome to CKS

Welcome to the CKS Theja Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Chadalawada Nagar,Renigunta Road, Renigunta,Tirupati-517506.AP. We take great pride in our world class institution which is considered unique in the whole of Andhra Pradesh. Great smiles begin here - for our clinical patients, students and their parents who enjoy our friendly, student supportive, learning environment. Located in the temple town of Tirupathi, the nation's one of the best known cities for its heritage and culture , and one of the most devotional, clean city in India, we offer cutting-edge academic, research and clinical environment for the prospective dental surgeons.

Our Vision


  • To excel in value based dental education, health care ,research, and technology of global standards enriched with quality contributing to the national development.
  • Aimed to accelerate the pace of collaboration, innovation and quality of patient-centered and preventive dental care and to cultivate excellence and collegiality within community
  • To excel with a spirit of inquiry, scientific curiosity and the passion and perseverance to improve care, we aim to translate research discoveries into advances that directly benefit our patients.
  • To inculcate diversity and inclusiveness which are deeply respected values and are supported throughout the institution, for they greatly enrich our learning, clinical practice and service environments.
  • To provide value based, student centric, community oriented, flexible dental education to enhance intellectual and technological environment with continuous evaluation to foster exceptionally creative research and education
  • To achieve, sustain and further enhance quality dental education by developing a diverse, talented, academic workforce and providing access with thrust of equity, involving stake holders.
  • To encourage innovative collaborative research, and apply advances in research for the benefit and betterment of the of the human community locally and globally and enabling the industry to produce affordable equipment and drugs.
  • To stimulate invention of indigenous technology and promote technology transfer and optimal utilization of the available contemporary technology for teaching, training ,health care and research.
  • To develop strong community relationships through affordable services and research.
  • To Recruit, develop and retain the talented, culturally diverse faculty, staff, trainees.